4×4 Pro Am

4×4 Pro Am is a fun excursion for four wheel drive vehicle owners where experienced off road drivers (Professionals – Pro) and Novice off road drivers (Amateurs – Am) get together to tackle some of Sri Lanka’s picturesque off road terrain as a team. The Event is spread over the long week end and will cover off road locations offering various types of terrain.

For FWDC Members Only

Touring Class Competitor Team –

For Those who like to take on a challenge and have a competitive impulse can be part of the 4×4 Pro Am Touring Class Competition. The obstacles are guaranteed to be natural terrain, with stipulated finishing times for teams of 4×4 where the whole team must complete each stage. Team work and coordination among the members is the key to success. Each Team must have 3 Vehicles and where only one Team vehicle will be restriction free for modifications and the rest to conform to a pre-set specification criteria.

Single Brand Team Entry – Team must consist of a specific brand vehicle including the 1 x modified vehicle allowed in the team. The Modified vehicle must have 100% Engine, Drive-Train, Body and Chassis of the brand represented by the team and the Registration Book details must conform to the vehicle make and Model Code.

Mixed Brand Entry – Team can consist of mixed brand of vehicles including 1 x modified vehicle per team. The Modified Vehicle can have Engine, Drive-Train, Upgrade, but Body Chassis must conform to a specific brand make and model code. Rest of the team must conform to details as per Registration Book.